Over $100k With Shopify In 90 Days – Case Study

Quite some time ago I talked about making money on Shopify and drop shipping products from Aliexpress.

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When I first got into this I set up a store for my friend to run and she did very well. Right now she’s traveling in Europe and then America to visit family, she still runs the store today.

She sells bracelets made out of thin rope and sold them to the hippie and gipsy niche.

Sales will eventually drop so she will have to go back to Facebook again.

So, does Shopify really work?

Oh yes, big time

It’s all about finding the right niche, clearly that’s what Nick did.

We’re going to have a chat with the man who made over $100,000 in 3 months!

Insane amounts of money, that’s well over $1000 a day in gross revenue.

People have doubted this method for a while now but it simply works if you have the right audience and niche.

facebook and shopify method


Answers From The $100k 90 Day Shopify Store.

Some of these questions were from you guys over at the Affiliate Hustle forums, If you feel I missed some feel free to ask below in the comment section.

What got you into the Shopify method?

I’ve been an entrepreneur for a few years now. My first online business I partnered with someone and we sold services to the event industry.

That business does very well and has grossed over $1M in revenue in the past 3 years, but it requires a large team of people to keep the daily operations running.

So I was already deeply involved in the internet marketing space, but I was looking for something that offered more freedom and flexibility.

I’m an avid learner and came across an awesome course called eCom Premier Academy a few months back. I recognized immediately that this was what I had been looking for, bought the course, and started my new business venture.

It took me awhile to actually apply what I learned, I invested in a few other courses about FB ads and Shopify. Then at the beginning of February, I launched my first store.

How much money did you spend doing adverts and what kind of CPC were you getting?

Total ad spend to reach my current $128,100 in revenue I’ve grossed as I write this was $18,031. On average my Cost Per Click on winning products is about .50-.60.

How long did it take for the ads to return a positive ROI?

When I first started my store I spent about $300 in ads over the course of 2 weeks testing products that had little success.

I had my first $100 day on February 19th, which was positive ROI. Then scaled into $1000 days about 12 days later, I started hitting $2K days about 30 days later.

My revenue is usually about 5-7 times my ad spend on average.

Without giving away the niche, could he talk about its competitiveness? Did it play a key roll in your success?

I have a general Shopify store, so I’m many niches, they are all competitive. In fact, some of them have very large brands and stores that sell to the same audience.

My key advantage was finding unique items. I call them passion products, the type of stuff people see and love and they know they’re clicking that link to get it. I looked for the type of passion products that weren’t available in many other places, so buying from my store was easy for my audience cause they loved the products.

Did you have many buyer complaints? If do how did you handle them?

I have a very low complaint ratio. In fact, of the 4,700 orders I currently have I’ve had less than 10 complaints.

For the complaints I do have, I will try to resolve the issue as best as possible. If I am at fault then I refund or replace the item. If I’m not, I just explain to people my side of the story.

Mostly I get people just checking on their item delivery. Since I drop ship from Aliexpress, shipping is usually about 2-3 weeks. II tell people on the product page and provide tracking numbers, so that deflects about 99% of any delivery complaints.

 What Shopify apps are you using?

Currently I only use 3 paid apps

  • Notify
  • Trackify
  • Abandonment Protector

I use a few free apps- Shopify Reviews

  • Shopify Reviews
  • Contact Form
  • Teelaunch for my custom merchandise

Did you have a large amount of products in the store? If so, did you promote them all?

Large is a relative term. I have about 60 products in my store right now and most of them are in collections, some of them are random. I don’t promote them all.

When I started, before ever launching my first ad I added about 20 products to my store just to make it look legit. The funny thing is I went on to get a few sales for most of them because they’re cool products, but I never promoted half of them.

They were just there as filler products to look like a quality online store.

Did the ads link to a product page or home page?

All of my ads link directly to the product page.

Are the product(s) illegal / trademark (Example: Franchise like Zelda, Mario, The Walking Dead etc..)

Some of my products use other trademarks, not all.

What kind of campaigns were you running?

I start all my ads as PPE campaigns. If it’s a winner, then I will scale into WC campaigns for that product. If I build a big enough custom audience for people who viewed and didn’t buy, I will run CTW ads for retargeting.

When I first started my store, I didn’t run a single WC ad until I had reached about 1500 total store sales and knew my FB pixel was seasoned enough for my ads to be optimized.

Are you still getting consistent sales or have they slowed down?

Still getting consistent sales. Just had a $13,000 week

What would be your best advice for anyone entering the Shopify Facebook game?

Don’t overcomplicate the idea of selling products to people with Shopify. It’s all about finding the right product for the right audience. If you do that, people will buy.

Find time in the beginning to learn Facebook ads, set up a quality store that looks legit, and add a bunch of products so people feel like it’s an established store. Then start launching ads and test, test, test.

Don’t overthink it with questions that don’t matter, just get some products out there and start learning by experience. The quicker you test, the quicker you’ll find a winner.

Make sure to look at other Shopify stores and see what they’re doing well. See what they’re selling, see what they’re product pages look like, see what they’re Facebook fan pages and ads look like and model after their success.

In the beginning, it’s all about getting your first sales and making some money to get confident in yourself. So model other people’s success then start to develop your own style.

Don’t be too quick to rush into a niche specific store. The advantages of a general store are huge because you can test anything. Then once you have $50K in the bank and the freedom to think about what you want to do, you can explore more and take bigger risks.

Remember that this is possible for YOU. Just 3 months ago I was starting and looking at people posting screenshots of big earnings, testing ads that weren’t working and wondering how I was going to do the same. Then it all took off that quickly. The same can happen to you too, just keep testing and don’t quit.

Final Words

So there we have it guys, this stuff does work.

As always it comes down to the niche and the audience, I’ve preached it so many times and it’s usually always the case of wrong niche when I see a failed store.

I hope this gives you enough inspiration to go out and give this stuff a go!

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