5 Signs it May Be Time for a Career Change

5 Signs it May Be Time for a Career ChangeWhile we all dread early mornings, we all complain about work, and we all have things we don’t like about our jobs; there comes a point when our misery outweighs the benefits of our position.

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Some employees know the moment it is time to pack up and move on, but for others, the signs are not so obvious.

If you are unhappy at work, dread heading into the office or lack the drive to succeed within your company, it may be time to start applying elsewhere.

1. Every morning is a battle.

We all have those days when we dread getting out of bed to head to the office.

They are often referred to as Mondays. For some people, this battle to beat the early morning blues has become part of their daily routine.

Okay, so the majority of people don’t jump up and sing with the birds while they shower and get dressed for the day, but if you are constantly dreading going into the office, there might be a problem.

It is one thing to dislike your job to some degree, but to actually dread working is another story.

If you find you must constantly convince yourself to head out in the morning, it is probably time to find better motivation.

2. You are feeling the effects of stress.

Work is stressful; this is true whether you are a cashier at Walmart or an investor on Wall St.

A little bit of work-related stress is normal, but if that stress is starting to affect you physically or mentally then it is time to seriously assess the situation.

If you find that work-related stress is affecting your mental health or making you physically ill, the first thing you should do is talk to your doctor.

Stress at work should not cause you illness of any kind and it should not affect your home life. If the pressure is too much to bear, it might be time for a change of pace.

3. You can’t say anything nice.

If you are constantly criticizing your company or co-workers, you may be ready for a career change.

We all have things we don’t like about the company we work for and we all have co-workers we could live without seeing every day.

However, if you find you can’t say anything nice at all, it is probably better to find something that brings out the positivity in you.

4. You can’t envision your future with this company.

If you find that you are unable to see yourself with your company in the future, or if you lack the desire and drive for success within your company, it may be time to consider a change.

A career is supposed to inspire you, drive you, empower you; at least to some degree.

If your work is suffering and you just don’t feel the passion, it may be best for everyone if you start seeking a position that lights your fire.

5. Your position and your pay don’t add up.

Do you find that your duties have increased over the years but your pay never seems to catch up?

If you feel like your talents are being wasted or you are unappreciated by your company, it may be time to see what other options are available out there.

Show off your talents to other employers and see if you are attaining what you are worth in your current position.

Remember, not everyone has the luxury of having a career that they love, but you should be able to find at least a few things about your job that make you happy.

If you can’t seem to beat the blues when it comes to working with your current company, then it is probably time to move on.

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