Adjusting to the “Real World” in Your Twenties – 4 Ways to Stay Frugal

It is a huge struggle for many people in their twenties to stay debt-free and feel financially stable either because they make a very small amount of money or they are used to living life under the umbrella of their parents.

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For some people, it is incredibly hard to adjust from living in the upper-middle class with your parent’s money to being broke on your own.

Daily adjustments must be made in order to pay the bills and eat. For the young and broke, here are some tips.

1. Going Out and Drinking

Adjusting to the "Real World" in Your Twenties - 4 Ways to Stay Frugal

I have realized, being in my twenties, that too much of my money goes to partying and spending money on expensive drinks at the bar.

In college, alcohol was either free or very cheap, but now it is an insane expense that I must factor into my budget. In order to reduce this cost, you have a few options.

Drink more at home instead of out at the bar—this will save you a lot of money because buying your own bottles from the liquor store is MUCH cheaper.

You could also reduce the amount you go out overall.

2. Lunch

Adjusting to the "Real World" in Your Twenties - 4 Ways to Stay Frugal

Many young adults work full-time jobs and get 30 minutes to an hour for lunch every day.

While it may be tempting to go out to lunch every day with all the restaurants that may surround your office, try packing your lunch instead.

Packing your lunch will save you around $25-$50 per week, and guaranteed, you will eat healthier overall as well!

3. Don’t Shop!

Adjusting to the "Real World" in Your Twenties - 4 Ways to Stay Frugal

If you find yourself roaming a store just to waste time, think again and don’t! Surprisingly, money stresses can cause many people to impulse shop.

While you may think a new purchase will make you feel better, in the end, you will only feel guilty and much worse.

Yes, everyone needs clothes and shoes, but you do not need new things all the time.

Purchases of unnecessary items hurt a lot more when it is your hard earned money that you’re spending and not your parents. Keep this in mind.

4. Reduce Excess Purchases

Adjusting to the "Real World" in Your Twenties - 4 Ways to Stay Frugal

If you used to get your nails done weekly when you’re parents were supporting you, eliminate this from your budget.

You no longer have the money to spend at the nail salon and that is fine. Having your nails done is not a necessity. Paint them yourself at home.

This also goes for other vanity purchases such as hair, spa days, and anything else you used to do just for the fun of it.

Being young and supporting yourself will require you to prioritize your spending.

Each person’s spending habits are different in their twenties. Some people may be used to supporting themselves long before they were out of school.

However, expenses always rise when you are out on your own with bills to pay. Rent must be factored in as well as food and a majority of other things.

If you work hard and sacrifice now, you can save your money. In the future, you will feel more secure and be able to spend money on those excess things you’ve given up.

Being frugal can be temporary if you make the smart decisions now instead of later!

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