4 Dirty Jobs in America and the Money They Yield

There are many jobs in America that are not the most desirable. They are not desirable because they don’t pay well or maybe they just aren’t enjoyable.

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However, some of the most undesirable and “dirty” jobs in America pay pretty well because, without the money incentive, no one would do them! Here are some of the highest paying dirty jobs in America.

1. Sewer Inspector

Dirty Jobs in America and the Money They Yield

Being a sewer inspector requires getting into the sewer and working around the other animals that inhabit that space.

Sewer inspectors are in daily interaction with rats, cockroaches, and many other bugs and rodents.

Not only does this job require being around these animals, but it also requires spending your day surrounded by bacteria and human excrement.

Thankfully, sewer inspectors wear protective suits when working, but this doesn’t make the job any more fun. However, making a minimum of $55,000 per year, sewer inspectors easily support their families and make an honest living.

2. Crime Scene Cleaner

Dirty Jobs in America and the Money They Yield

While it all seems like a pretty thrilling business when watching crime shows on television, the aftermath of a crime scene is never pretty. Once the detectives leave and the case is solved, someone has to clean up the blood, guts, and bodies. This is where a crime scene cleaner comes into play.

Crime scene cleaners must wear HAZMAT suits while doing their job in order to clean up a scene surrounded by hazardous waste and bacteria. They are also forced to work a flexible schedule and clean up whenever the time calls for it. Crime scene cleaners make upwards of $80,000 per year. Though it’s a dirty job, it’s a high paying one that gets you in on the action!

3. Garbage Collector

Dirty Jobs in America and the Money They Yield

Many people look at the daily garbage men on the street and feel bad for them because they think these people have the worst job in America. While collecting garbage is a tedious and smelly process, the job pays around $50,000 per year and can pay much higher in certain states.

Also, this job does not require a high education level. It may not be a glamorous job, but being a garbage collector provides the potential for the less educated to make a good salary for their families.

4. Coal Miner

Dirty Jobs in America and the Money They Yield

Coal mining is an extremely harsh job when it comes to human health. It is hard on the lungs and requires working in the dark, claustrophobic spaces. It also requires long hours and lots of strength. Coal mining is one of the most dangerous jobs, not only because of the health concerns but because the fear of a mine exploding or collapsing is always present.

Coal Miners make anywhere from $80,000 to $100,000 per year, but it comes at a high cost. This job is not for the weak.

These are just a few of the many dirty jobs in America today.

Unfortunately, many of the other dirty jobs around don’t pay as well as these do. Whether it is the money that attracts people to these jobs or some unique calling, it is comforting knowing that someone does these jobs for us so we don’t have to!

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