Top Cities for People Working in the Healthcare Industry

While you can find hospitals in any town or city, there are some cities in the United States that boast a much more prominent healthcare presence. Not only do these cities have ample hospital positions, but they also provide corporate healthcare jobs for people less trained in medicine and more trained in business. Here are some of the top cities for anyone working in the healthcare industry.

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1. Boston, Massachusetts

Top Cities for People Working in the Healthcare Industry

Boston has a high amount of healthcare jobs because of the high number of universities in the area. With higher education come hospitals, not only because of a high population but for training purposes as well. Boston also hosts the National Institutes of Health federally funded programs. The Boston area, in particular, is backed by $2 billion dollars from NIH. These funded programs provide Boston healthcare workers with secure employment and strong growth.

2. Nashville, Tennessee

Top Cities for People Working in the Healthcare Industry

Nashville second most popular career field is healthcare with its only competitor being the music industry. With Vanderbilt University Medical Center in the area as well as the headquarters of Healthcare Corporation of America, Nashville boasts over 250,000 jobs in healthcare. Not only will Nashville provide you with a healthcare job, but the cost of living is also below the national average.

3. Texas

Top Cities for People Working in the Healthcare Industry

Texas has many cities that provide great jobs for people in the healthcare industry. Houston, San Antonio, and Austin make the top of the list. Austin is home to St. David’s Healthcare, which employees around 8,000 people and was named “Texas Employer of the Year.” Austin is also home to Cornerstone Hospital of Austin, which employs over 2,000 people in the industry. San Antonio is a great employer for healthcare workers because of universities in the area as well as a military base. The city hosts many training opportunities in healthcare as well as positions for graduates. Houston is home to Texas Medical Center, which is the world’s largest group of healthcare establishments. Texas Medical Center employs over 73,000 employees throughout their many institutions. Because of Texas Medical Center, Houston also draws many other healthcare companies to the area.

4. Cleveland, Ohio

Top Cities for People Working in the Healthcare Industry

Cleveland is home to the Cleveland Clinic, which is one of the United States’ best hospitals and largest private employers. The Cleveland Clinic employs over 100,000 employees throughout their facilities. Cleveland is also a center for health care research such as cancer treatment and biotechnology.People come to Cleveland for healthcare jobs as well as to be cared for. With its cost of living 11% below the national average, Cleveland is an excellent choice for people in the healthcare industry.

As you can see, all cities are not created equal when it comes to healthcare. There will always be healthcare jobs in every city in America because healthcare is a national necessity. However, these healthcare centers of the United States boast well above average employment rates for the industry and will make your career experience feel bigger and more worthwhile.

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