How to Win the Monday Morning Battle

No one likes Mondays. In fact, Mondays are the most dreaded day of the week, and with good reason. After a long relaxing weekend, the thought of getting back to the daily grind can be overwhelming. There are the work and emails that built up over the weekend, the early morning start after sleeping in, and the mental exhaustion that comes along with Mondays for no known reason at all. Well, here’s the good news, Monday doesn’t have to be hard. With a few simple strategies, you can win the Monday morning battle before it even begins.

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Wake up on the right side of the bed, actually, make that the left.

Studies show that sleeping on the left side of the bed may actually make you a more cheerful person, give you a more positive attitude, and make you better equipped to handle work-related stress. A study done by the mattress company Sealy UK last year showed that people who wake up on the left side of the bed tend to enjoy their job more, have a more positive outlook and are happier in general than those who wake up on the right side. So, if you want to start your Monday off right, sleep on the left.

Brighten your day from the get-go.

Sunlight is proven to help wake us up happier and more gently than an alarm. Leave curtains open to let in the natural light in the morning and choose a bedroom with eastern exposure to maximize morning light if possible. If this is not an option (or you rise before the sun) there are various gadgets available that mimic the natural sunlight of the morning, gently helping you start your day.

Take it easy in the a.m.

Don’t jump out of bed the minute the alarm goes off in the morning. Instead, give yourself time to wake slowly and extra time to get ready. When you have to jump up and rush around you tend to be in a less positive mood the entire day. Set the alarm for an earlier time, even if it is only 15-minutes, allowing yourself more time to wake up and get ready. Setting more than one alarm is another idea that can allow you the time you need to wake up feeling less rushed and more refreshed. Definitely a plus on a Monday morning.

Give yourself a breakfast boost.

We have all been told, (more than once) that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While all meals are equally important, skipping breakfast will definitely affect your performance at work. Start the day off right with a breakfast that includes a generous helping of protein. Protein in the morning is a great way to raise your blood sugar, (which lowers during sleep) and give yourself that extra bit of energy you need to start the day. Eggs, Peanut Butter, and Cottage Cheese are all excellent options for a protein rich breakfast. Find a few recipes that work for you and use them to get yourself in gear and amped up on a Monday morning.

Be prepared, well in advance.

Get yourself prepared for Monday mornings well in advance. It is not as simple as laying out your clothes or packing your lunch the night before, though that helps. Rather, start preparing for Monday on Friday afternoon. Make a list of everything that will need your attention Monday morning and try to get the things you will need organized and in place. Clear out your inboxes and tackle any loose ends instead of rushing out of the office for the weekend. Taking a few extra minutes on Friday to prep for Monday will make your return to work easier and less stressful.

Nix the negative ideology.

If you can’t change something, change your attitude about it. We all know that Mondays are difficult. That is not going to change, but the way you think about Mondays can change and it can have a big effect on how you feel. Try not to complain and implement the tips in this post to make things easier. Focus on the positive aspects of Mondays, such as it being a fresh start or catching up with co-workers. When we change the way we allow ourselves to talk and think about something it often changes the way we feel about it as well. If you catch yourself being negative, turn the thought around. It is a simple trick that can make a big difference.

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